At Cassia Cupcakery we believe that cupcakes should be fresh, moist and delicious.

To ensure the quality of each cupcake we are only using the natural ingredients, 100% preservative-free. All of our cupcakes are made without using any eggs, perfect treat for everyone, specially if you do have egg intolerance.  Also, we are baking cupcakes throughout the day to make sure you get fresh product anytime.

In addition to a large variety of classic flavours, we are proud to serve daily Gluten-free & Diary-free cupcakes as well as Vegan cupcakes. We also invite you to experience our Signature's Cassia Cream Cheese Cupcake... while they last!

See you soon :)

Cake flavor available:
Chocolate / Vanilla / Red Velvet /
Lemon / Vegan Banana / Vegan Chocolate / Gluten-Free Banana / Gluten-Free Chocolate

Icing flavor available:
Chocolate / Vanilla / 
White chocolate / Coconut / Lemon / Cookies & Cream / Peanut Butter / Mint / Vegan Chocolate / Vegan Coconut / Vegan Peanut-Butter / Cappuccino / Cream Cheese


When you purchase 6 or more cupcakes on a single order, you won't be charged any tax!

Features of the month

How about some Cookie & Cream flavor?

Our Organic Coffee

Cassia Cupcakery is using the Pour over method to freshly brew your coffee. Enjoy a good cup of our organic coffee selection anytime!


Each $3.80
Half-Dozen $20.95
Dozen $39.50

Each $1.50
Half-Dozen $7.95
Dozen $14.50


Organic Coffee
Short $2.55  ~  Tall $2.75

Short $2.95  ~  Tall $2.95

Hot Chocolate
Short $2.95  ~  Tall $3.50

Water / Milk

Signature Ice Tea

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